What Is A Mortgage Deficiency Judgment?

A True Deficiency Judgment. The second outcome is that if your property is worth $100,000 but sells for $50,000. The $50,000 difference is called a deficiency, not a deficiency judgment. A deficiency is the difference between the amount you owed on your mortgage and what your lender sold it for at auction.

Section 45-21.38 of the North Carolina General Statutes provides that a holder of a note or deed of trust is not entitled to a deficiency judgment when the mortgage or deed of trust was given to the.

“Just because they don’t have the money to pay the entire mortgage, doesn’t mean they don’t have enough for a deficiency judgment,” said Florida foreclosure defense attorney michael Wayslik. Advocates.

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Arizona's mortgage deficiency statutes (A.R.S. 33-729, 33-814 and. the right pursuant to applicable Arizona law to obtain a mortgage deficiency judgment.

 · The good news is that bankruptcy eliminates personal liability for a mortgage deficiency. Deficiency: The Foreclosure Sale Price Doesn’t Cover the Mortgage Balance. A deficiency judgment usually occurs when the foreclosure sale price does not satisfy the outstanding mortgage balance, the lender sues the borrower for the difference and “wins.”

That means mortgage companies have recourse; they can recover the deficiency from the homeowner, even after the house is lost to foreclosure sale. Illinois is also a judicial foreclosure state. That means mortgage companies must go to court, receive a judgment, and hold an auction in order to foreclose on a homeowner’s property.

What is a Deficiency Judgment? New Jersey is a "recourse state" in mortgage law, permitting lenders recourse in the form of a lawsuit to recover the difference between sale proceeds and the balance on the mortgage in the event of short sale, deed-in-lieu, or foreclosure.

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If your house gets sold at auction for less than what you owed the mortgage company, Deficiency judgment are court orders that make you personally liable for.

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What Are Mortgage Deficiency Judgments? On behalf of Schwartz bankruptcy law center posted in Bankruptcy on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. As a homeowner that has fallen into great financial difficulty, you may find that you are faced with a foreclosure on your home.

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