Tiger Woods named in lawsuit after restaurant employee dies in…

(CNN) — The family of a Florida man who purportedly was drunk when he crashed his car is suing Tiger. died December 10 near the community of Port Salerno — about 20 miles from The Woods Jupiter.

Tiger Woods and his girlfriend Erica Herman have been sued for wrongful death after a bartender, who worked at the golfer’s restaurant, died in a drunk-driving accident. Watch to find out more.

Tiger Woods is being sued by the parents of an employee at his Florida restaurant who died. filed the lawsuit because they allege their son was overserved alcohol at The Woods in Jupiter, Florida,

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The parents of an alcoholic bartender who worked at Tiger Woods’ restaurant are blaming the athlete, his girlfriend and their employees for the December drunk-driving crash that killed the man. A.

BETHPAGE – Tiger Woods faces a lawsuit from the parents of a staffer at his Florida restaurant who died in a drink driving accident after allegedly being over. directly responsible for ensuring.

Tiger. Woods has been named in a wrongful death lawsuit involving a former employee at his Florida restaurant, The Woods. The parents of Nicholas Immesberger say their son, who worked as a.

Tiger Woods and his girlfriend, Erica Herman, are being sued by the family of a former employee at the golfer’s restaurant, alleging Woods and Herman did not monitor his drinking properly. Nicholas.

Tiger Woods is being sued by the family of a Florida man who died after he was allegedly over-served at Woods’ restaurant and died in a drunk. The man’s family filed the lawsuit in Palm Beach.

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(CNN) – Tiger Woods said. Immesberger, 24, died December 10 near the community of Port Salerno when he crashed his Corvette after drinking at The Woods Jupiter restaurant and bar, the family said.

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The family of a Florida man who was an employee at Tiger Woods’ restaurant, The Woods Jupiter. Immesberger crashed his vehicle and died on December 10, 2018, after leaving The Woods." The lawsuit.

Tiger Woods is no longer named in the wrongful death lawsuit involving employee who died in a car crash posted 5:21 am, June 26, 2019, by CNN Wire , Updated at 05:28AM, June 26, 2019 Facebook