Sweet, sweet justice: Florida homeowners foreclose on Bank of America – We Interrupt

but if we do find any cases we will take appropriate action," Kelly said. In May, a Chase employee named Beth Ann Cottrell said in a sworn deposition that she and her team signed off on up to 18,000.

We were there as a Golden Gate Estates homeowner and her attorney showed up at Bank of America with movers and deputies in tow, ready to seize the bank’s property! They were foreclosing on the bank for not paying court ordered fees, this after Bank of America made a mistake and tried to foreclose on a property they bought with cash.

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Apparently unable to convice the bank that it had made a mistake, the homeowners had to endure a year and a half of legal proceedings in order to get the matter resolved. A judge ruled that the bank had to pay the couple’s legal fees, but five months later the bank still hadn’t paid. Then the trucks showed up at the local Bank of America branch.

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Foreclosure attorneys further point to the fact that in the event there is a deficiency between the sale price of the home and the underlying mortgage loan, such that the borrower owes additional.

One day, and for a quick second, your home sweet homes. become so powerful in Florida that they have managed to get what amount to kangaroo foreclosure courts created. Not surprisingly, the.

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