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A quiet title suit is also called a suit to remove a cloud. A cloud is any claim or potential claim to ownership of the property. The cloud can be a claim of full ownership of the property or a claim of partial ownership, such as a lien in an amount that does not exceed the value of the property.

That’s the idea behind the original title, which was the 43rd Name of God. but I definitely had to make big efforts to quiet the voices that said: Who cares about your dumb life? Why would anyone.

A quiet title is a term often used when there is a dispute or defect in the title or ownership of a piece of property. A dispute may arise when the ownership of a piece of property is unclear and there are multiple parties that have a claim or interest in the title. These claims, sometimes called "clouds", must be removed from the title in order for the property to be deemed a "marketable title", or a title that is free from outside claims and defects.

Florida quiet title actions: 10 Things You Should Know About Quieting Title in the State of Florida. A quiet title action will not erase legal claims to the real estate that are shown to be legitimate under the law. For example, if there is a Federal Tax Lien on the property, that may survive the quiet title action. similarly, as discussed in our last post, a bank’s mortgage lien may survive a quiet title action.