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But today, one in four unmarried couples between 18 and 34 buy a house together, according to a survey by Coldwell Banker Real Estate. What’s more, 40% of millennials think it’s actually a good idea for unmarried couples to buy a house, and 37% think couples should buy a home before marriage.

This video explains that unmarried couples are allowed to borrower money together for a home mortgage and how the process works. This video explains that unmarried couples are allowed to borrower.

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One approach is to divide the net proceeds by each partner’s contribution to the equity in the house when it is sold. Suppose, for example, that the partners pay $100,000 for a house, take a mortgage of $80,000, pay $20,000 down plus $3000 in settlement costs, and sell it after 5 years when the loan balance is $74,000.

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For unmarried couples, there are three ways to hold title, or legal ownership, of a property. One person can own the whole property. Both partners can own the property as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, which means that two people share equal ownership and if one dies, the other becomes the property’s full owner.

Co-Owning a House with Friends, Relatives and Others: Facts You Absolutely Need to Know. that might affect how the loan is paid back. In the case of an unmarried couple that breaks up, how will that work?. Click here to see if you qualify to co-own a home. Co-ownership mortgage loan programs.

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One of the basic rules of income taxes is that the person paying the expense gets the deduction, and the home mortgage interest deduction is no exception. If you and another person pay the mortgage, you can each take a deduction only for the amount of mortgage interest that you actually pay, assuming you meet the other requirements.