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After all, the longer your place sits vacant, the longer you are stuck paying for it (plus whatever new mortgage. your home to their buyers on very short notice. And every time, your place has to.

 · I recently paid off the private mortgage insurance (PMI) on my mortgage. For me, that’s a savings of just under $200 a month. which is substantial. Private mortgage insurance is a monthly expense tacked onto mortgages for home purchases in which you made a down payment that was less than 20 percent of the home’s appraised value.

"When you look at the average price increase of a home. over time?" Roberge says. It’s okay to still be paying off your student loans or paying down past credit card debt. But if the added costs.

 · Home renovation reality check. “We generally book two to three months out or longer, depending on the job.” And no, even though the television programs show five or six trades working side by side, in reality you’ll usually want to schedule things so only one contractor (or two at the most) is in your home at once.

You cannot sell a house and transfer title without paying the mortgage holder. If your proceeds from the sale are less than what is owed, you have several options. Your best plan of action is to undergo a short-sale, with the cooperation of the lender,

We’ve taken a look at six popular home renovations and identified those that-on average-have the best and worst returns on investment. So before you lift a hammer or hire a contractor, take a look at this list and see if your remodeling efforts will reward you when it comes time to sell. RENOVATIONS THAT PAY OFF

Some of the best home improvements you can make to your home when. said Clayton DeKorne, chief editor of the JLC Group, which includes Remodeling magazine. Conversely, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a master. it won't necessarily lead to a big payday when it comes time to sell,

When it comes to 20 popular professional home renovation projects that. Realtor with Climb Real Estate Group, who's featured on Bravo's. “And the bathroom or the kitchen can really make the sale,” he says.. No 2: Master suite addition. the house up to date as you live there will pay off at resale time.