Fighting Megaupload Piracy With…Piracy? – Legal As She Is Spoke

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Case study. Megaupload, a hong-kong based company, was a file sharing site founded by Kim Dotcom in 2005. Users could freely upload and download files from the site, but needed to pay a small sum to upgrade their access to "premium access" so as to have access to faster download speeds, no file limitations etc.

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 · Shipper says piracy needs multinational solution. Obama pledges to fight piracy;. Johnsen said he had not had time to put any recommendations for dealing with piracy in writing to any.

 · It’s fine if you want to have that fight, but don’t yell and scream about how you’re losing business to piracy when your stuff isn’t even available in the box I have on top of my TV. A lot of us have figured out how to do this.

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 · Online piracy of television programs remains rampant in Taiwan in the absence of a mechanism to block offending websites, which are largely based in mainland China. A Chinese-language search on Google for “free Taiwanese TV programs” turns up.

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APPLE CO-FOUNDER Steve Wozniak says the US piracy case against Kim Dotcom. Wozniak and Dotcom spoke out against the federal case in separate. Charged with racketeering and money laundering, he's fighting US attempts. that hong kong-based megaupload had no legal presence in the US.