Felons Can’t Vote in Florida but are Free to Fleece the Public

How felons can register to vote in Florida under new Amendment 4 bill. What if felons can’t pay? The bill allows for fees, fines or restitution to be waived by a judge, or converted to.

9 days ago · Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed a measure approved by state lawmakers that makes the restoration of voting rights for people convicted of felonies contingent on having paid off all criminal debt associated with their conviction.. A coalition of civil rights groups immediately filed a lawsuit in federal court to block the new law by having it declared unconstitutional.

About 1.7 million people in Florida can’t vote because of a past. "but when it comes to the restoration of voting rights for felons, Governor Scott believes that they have to demonstrate that they.

Susan MacManus, a University of South Florida political science professor, told me the public perception is that Scott is. said the 1.6 million ex-felons who can’t vote represent more than 10.

In summary: In Maine and Vermont, felons never lose their right to vote, even while they are incarcerated. In 14 states and the District of Columbia, felons lose their voting rights only while incarcerated, and receive automatic restoration upon release.

Ex-felons should demonstrate they are willing to abide by the law during a certain time period before they are allowed to vote again, according to Florida Gov. Rick Scott. Although restoration of voting rights helps offenders return to the society, it should be done carefully, he said.

 · Max A. Keller. The answer depends on the state you are in, which in turn may depend on your age (in some states felony adjudications when 16 or older, but less than 18, are still in the juvenile system, not adult, but ARE public records), the type of offense, and.

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State laws on whether people with felony convictions can vote vary widely. In 12 states, a felony conviction can result in a lifetime voting ban. That means an 18-year-old convicted of first-time felony drug possession in Florida or Virginia who successfully completes a treatment program may never vote again.

Once a person has completed their sentence, the right to vote is immediately restored. However, it is up to the felon to re-register to vote with his or her county board of elections. As stated, individuals on probation can vote. Currently, just over 122,000 individuals with felony convictions cannot vote in the state.

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