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So documentary stamp taxes will be charged on the new second mortgage but not on the first mortgage. To calculate the documentary stamp taxes, divide the mortgage amount by 100, round up any fraction, then multiply the result by $.35. $350,000 100 = $3500 $.35 = $1,225.

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Berger Singerman, Florida’s business law firm, is pleased to announce that 28 of the firm’s attorneys, an increase from 25 attorneys last year, were recognized in the.

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Documentary Stamp Tax Exemptions Chart All transfers of benecial interest in or legal title to real property are subject to documentary stamp tax based upon the value of the real estate transferred. The tax is due at the time the deed is offered for recording unless

All Florida credit unions are exempt from the intangible tax on mortgages, according to Julie Holt of anclote title services.I recently blogged about saving money by using the Navy Federal Credit Union, which was correct, but I thought you should know that the intangible tax exemption applies to all Florida credit union mortgages.

Don’t pay unnecessary documentary stamp and intangible taxes * Florida amends stamp tax to apply to real property entity sale structures – opportunities remain for pending sales * Related.

A note made or delivered in Florida and secured by a leasehold mortgage will be subject to documentary stamp taxes but is not subject to the non-recurring intangible tax.

Documentary Stamp Tax: Pursuant to 201.02, Florida Statutes, subject only to a few specifically enumerated exceptions beyond the scope of this article, documentary stamp tax is due on.

*Personal: how we prefer to be compensated: deferred compensation (company puts money in an account and you don’t pay taxes on it until you need it) may mean more after-tax dollars but at some risk; fringe benefits (benefits that allow you to do your job, ie pens, pencils, coffee machine) can be tax exempt; would you like to retire.

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