Dear Penny: I Want to Help My Elderly Parents by Buying Their House

Not only did I reassure them that they need not worry about losing their house, but I taught them how to save $30,000 of the mother’s money by using a secret technique that I reveal in How to Protect Your Family’s Assets from devastating nursing home costs: Medicaid Secrets. Needless to say, Tim and Rachel were ecstatic.

Lois Jennings added, “This what I mean when I say that parents need to be taking their children to church and Sunday School, instead of buying. “My guess is their opinions on gay marriage,

I was told "oh of course your mother can keep her house" but when she passes, they take THEIR Share of money from her care if you get medicaid. Overall, sell or buy their home and hope they dont need care for 5 years, or in your case, you need to use the house money for the care until its gone.

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Parents who act as caregivers for their adult children with mental. more stress than parents whose children do not have mental health issues.. and coping needs of aging parents who care for adult children with.. Dear Penny, Penny L, please don't feel you caused your son to become suicidal.

Help with childcare, transportation, and other needs related to training and employment may be provided. Apply at your local Department of Human Services office. Mortgage Help and Foreclosure Assistance Michigan provides various programs that will assist families with paying their mortgage and also help those who need assistance avoid foreclosure.

My generous and supportive Auntie Pat was a fan of my decluttering series. She shared it on Facebook with her characteristic enthusiasm: “What a great piece, dear niece. You are such a genius with.

But nowadays the tide is turning, with increasing numbers finding themselves digging deep into their own pockets to help their cash-strapped. question why I didn’t just tell my parents that they.

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