Brace for a Wave of Foreclosures, the Dam is About to Break

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 · HOW TO PROFIT in FORECLOSURES and the "HIDDEN MARKET" There are at least 8 ways to profit from one property that is going through the foreclosure process. In today’s market, you can make money weather there is equity or weather there is no equity. That means that every foreclosure is a potential good deal.

Brace yourself for next wave of foreclosures; Alliance & Leicester down nearly 8%; HBOS down 13.5%; Is this the start of the big one? Lack of political leadership. The health care fiasco is going to be a defining event for Obama, in a negative way. His inability to respond effectively to simply absurd distortions of his plan and of the record.

 · KCM Blog reported two months ago that foreclosures will significantly increase this summer as a result of The National Mortgage Settlement.This month, both Reuters (Americans brace for next foreclosure wave) and CNNMoney (Flood of foreclosures to hit the housing market) concurred. However, we believe this increase in distressed properties will have a much different impact on the.

UPDATE 6/27/17: The New York Post has learned that the owner of this One57 penthouse is Nigerian oil tycoon. ultra-pricey condos has entered into foreclosure. The first time around, it was a.

The owners of the Hotel Felix will hang onto the property with a restructured loan, staving off foreclosure at the river north inn. That will give the owners a break on their debt obligations.

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Is the foreclosure dam ready to break? Maybe its wishing thinking, maybe I’m just bored as I twiddle my thumbs through one rehab at a time – but I oh, how I dream of riding that next sudsy wave. frank and Brian over at are all over this story in a wildly entertaining way that only they can report.

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