A light-hearted look at the many faces of entrepreneurship

AkiraChix founder Linda Kamau expressed to Devex the funding challenges her nonprofit faces. Photo by. designed to support them is flawed, several entrepreneurs at the Skoll world forum told Devex..

Entrepreneur Tom Stevens recently. At the Sage Mountain nursing home in Thousand Oaks, where many residents suffer from dementia and other memory-related illnesses, petting the robot put smiles on.

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A Brief History of Entrepreneurship charts how the pursuit of profit by private individuals has been a prime mover in revolutionizing civilization. Entrepreneurs often butt up against processes, technologies, social conventions, and even laws. So they circumvent, innovate, and violate to obtain what they want.

When you’re down and lack motivation, look at your lists and know that the tasks you do today are contributing to your lifetime goals. By doing them, you’re one step closer, and you can rest assured that you are, indeed, on the path to business success. Entrepreneurs face many challenges, and volumes have been written about how to overcome.

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The Many Faces of Vulnerability Article in Social Policy and Society 16(03):1-14 · February 2017 with 43 Reads DOI: 10.1017/S1474746416000610

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Not only does entrepreneurial interest in cyber look to be on the rise. VDOO, founded by ex-Cyvera entrepreneurs (acquired by Palo Alto Networks in 2014 for $200M) and which develops security.

The Many Faces Of Work Addiction. The end result of these differing work styles may look the same from the outside-an unbalanced life dominated by long hours at the office-but each face.

It happens to even the most seasoned of entrepreneurs. You’ve built momentum for your latest project, you’re excited to embrace new challenges and you’ve visualized success at the end of the road. But all of a sudden an unexpected problem stops you dead in your tracks — and this one seems impossible to solve.

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